Benefits & How to Join

As a member of your county medical society, you benefit through the opportunity to influence and participate in local medical affairs.  Some of the benefits of membership in the Macomb County Medical Society and the Michigan State Medical Society include:

  • Legislative Advocacy, MCMS members meet regularly with local government officials and legislators.
  • Peer review to resolve disputes arising from physician/patient relationships.
  • Membership dinner meetings and “Family Fun Events” that allow you to spend time with your family while socializing with your colleagues.
  • Patient referral services from the MCMS office, for those looking to build their practices.
  • Public relations efforts to enhance the public perception of physicians and the medical profession.
  • Opportunity to participate with the MCMS Foundation, which supports local philanthropic and educational activities.
  • Free subscription to the Macomb Medicus Journal, which offers informative articles to keep physicians up to date on medical, and political issues affecting Macomb County and Michigan.
  • Free subscription to Medigram Newsletter.
  • Free subscription to Michigan Medicine Magazine.
  • Advocacy with third party payers.
  • Member discounts on CME programs and practice management education.
  • Assistance with reimbursements and coding problems.
  • Tools to evaluate managed care and employment contracts.
  • Health and Dental Insurance through MSMS subsidiary Physicians Insurance Agency.
  • Member discounts on Liability insurance through The Doctors Company.
  • Access to MSMS “Members Only” products and services.

To join the Macomb County Medical Society and the Michigan State Medical Society, simply complete a membership application and return it to the MCMS office.  Download a PDF Membership Application or go to Join MSMS

Membership Dues Rates