Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Awareness Video

The Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne County Medical Societies have come together in an unprecedented manner and produced and educational video targeting the health care professional community to enhance knowledge and awareness about Human Trafficking.

“Human Trafficking is a very remunerative criminal activity involving innocent children or young adults and especially illegal immigrants of all ages,” said Adrian Christie, MD, president, Macomb County Medical Society. “Its hallmark is cruel exploitation, often violent, including forced prostitution and uncompensated ‘slave’ labor, but a large percentage of victims are afraid to seek help. Doctors should be in the front line of recognizing victims and educating health professionals and the general public to report suspected cases to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.”

“Sexual trafficking is now the third largest crime industry in the world,” said Herbert Smitherman, MD, Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan president elect.

“As physicians on the front line who treat victimized patients in emergency rooms or clinics, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in identifying victims and offering support,” said Adrian Christie, MD, president, Macomb County Medical Society. “Together we can start with educating all professionals and supporting the efforts of many to educate the whole community.”

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Additional Resources

Local 24-hour Crisis Lines for Victims of Human Trafficking

Turning Point (Macomb County) 586-463-6990

HAVEN (Oakland County) 877-922-1274

Blue Water Safe Horizons (St. Clair County) 888-985-5538

First Step (Wayne County) 888-453-5900

National Human Trafficking Resource Center 888-373-3888 or text BeFree (233733)

View PDF Tips for Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking

View PDF Screening Questions to Assess Whether a Person is a Trafficking Victim

View PDF Fact Sheet on Human Trafficking